At Batu Karang Lembongan Resort & Day Spa, we prioritize looking after the environment as best as we can. Being located on a small Island it is important that we take proactive steps to ensure that both yours and our impact on the island is as minimal as possible. As the premier accommodation on Nusa Lembongan, it is important that we lead the way in environmental concepts to ensure that we set an example to those around us and those yet to come.

We strive to be sustainable across as many areas of our business as possible:


Energy is conserved by having all outdoor garden lights on timers. All cooking in our kitchen is conducted using gas. Throughout the Resort, we use low voltage LED lights.


We have worked closely with Bio Clearance; a specialist in water technologies. Technologies used at Batu Karang include:

Water Supply & Treatment By Bio Systems:

Water Purification using desalination and reverse osmosis processes to produce water for all of our water requirements in the pools, showers, hand basins, kitchens, bars, and in Lulur Spa.

Waste Water Management  in order to recycle all of the water produced by toilets, showers and the kitchen. We also use 

Water Saving Shower Heads in all bathrooms.

Biosolve is used to help break down grease in drains and grease traps by biological process using bacteria.


Batu Karang utilises waste segregation and works with a nearby rubbish tip where locals make a living from selling recyclables. All organic food waste is passed on to local villagers for animal feed.


All complimentary water bottles provided in the rooms, soft drinks and beer bottles from the bars are returned to their respective suppliers for recycling. We choose not to use plastic.


We do change over (replace all linen in the rooms) every second day to limit the amount of laundry. We also encourage our guests to re use their towels and ask them to only put them in the bathtub if they want them to be changed. This is to help reduce the amount of laundry and to help save water.

Bathroom Amenities

We offer luxury natural bathroom essentials range for our guests, free of harmful chemicals to ourselves and to the environment. These products have been curated locally, from both Nusa Penida & Ubud. They are natural & beautifully scented to align with your surroundings. 

Bio-Degradable Products

We offer all bio degradable takeaway packaging for our café & restaurant outlets, with coffee cups and take away boxes. 

Corn Starch & Bamboo Straws

There are no plastic straws used at Batu Karang, or at any of our outlets. We only use biodegradable corn starch and bamboo straws.


Buildings are keeping with the local environment and culture.  We are carefully sited in harmony with the natural contours of the land. Local craftsmen used predominantly traditional building techniques using local timbers and materials. Minimal trees were removed during construction of the Resort. Any stone dug out in order to create the terracing was reused in the gardens & foundations.


No MSG, margarine or refined oils are used in cooking. 


We participate in the local school trainee programs. We train up to 20 student trainees each year, who usually come on board as full time staff after they compete their high school education. 

We also enroll our staff in the English online training program BOOST, which educates them on job-related language skills to improve their English comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, pronounciation, and confidence with guest interaction.

We foster a training culture at Batu Karang Lembongan Resort & Day Spa, whereby we conduct regular professional training to improve the staff skills. This includes job-related skills as well as First Aid. We host an annual First Aid certification day where we contract SOS International to come to Lembomngan and certify Basic First Aid with a large group of our staff. Following this, a select group are trained quarterly with Management to keep their skills sharp and confident to know what to do in an emergency situation at work or at home on the island. This skill & confidence is another way we are able to support the local community to keep everyone safe & healthy.


We fundamentally operate our business values and principles aligning with island community sustainability. Some initiatives:

-we support the local businesses and do not take any commission for recommendations. All recommendations are based on guest feedback & business ethic.

-we support local beach & village cleanups

-regular donations & involvement with the Villages & surf community

-education of the staff (English, first aid, professional development), including the Trainee Program where we train teenagers in high school and prepare them vocationally for potential jobs waiting when they complete school

Hydroponic Garden

Batu Karang family has been working on our “green thumbs” & proud to announce our in-house hydroponic garden. With many varieties of fresh herbs & vegetables growing strong, these are the organic ingredients served fresh to your plate when dining at Muntigs Bar & Restaurant, The Deck Café & Bar & The Howff Whisky, Gin & Wine Bar. It does not get any fresher than this, come taste it for yourself!


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