The Best Sunset Bars in Bali

Bali Sunset Bars for days. There is no shortage of jaw-dropping venues in Bali that take the sunset experience to the next level. Nowhere in the world has so many options to choose from, all so close together and with the fluorescent colours that the end of day brings in paradise… Let’s face it, Bali has its sunset bar game on POINT. We get asked every day, “where do YOU go for your favourite sunset spots?!” So, without giving away all of our secrets, here are a few of our old tried-and-true favourites, with a few new spots on the Bali block that you just can’t miss. Pack your cameras and get your social media fired up, it’s time to make everyone at home envious of your Island of the Gods flavours. Selfie sticks optional.

Nusa  Lembongan

The Deck Cafe & Bar

Well, this is a no-brainer. Right at our front yard, it simply has one of the best views in Bali of the magical Mount Agung with a relaxed friendly atmosphere playing chilled house tunes and DELICIOUS cocktails. It is the perfect spot to sit back, relax, & watch the world go by. It is very easy to forget what time it is until suddenly that beautiful sunset happens lighting up the sky in all shades of pink and orange, and then it is night time. Oops…don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The Howff Whisky, Gin, & Wine Bar

The new spot on Nusa Lembongan and the talk-of-the-town in Bali, we guarantee it is nothing like you have ever seen. Literally a speakeasy built on the side of the rocks overhanging the sea, you will struggle to work out whether you are on a tropical island in Bali or in a dark bar in Scotland. Did someone say kilts? You better believe it. With those unique whiskys, gins, & specially crafted cocktails, we promise an experience you will go home and tell your besties all about.

La Brisa

The newest part of the “La” familia on the town, these guys really know how to set the bar with spaces that are eye candy in themselves. Pool? Check. Beachfront? Check. Delightful cocktails? Check. Bloggers? Designers? The ‘Gu Crowd? Check, check, check. Go visit this Balinese fishing / nautical themed spot for something a little different…and of course the sunset and good times.


The Lawn

Lets talk about a place that exceeds expectations. Wow. We are always a little weary of places that look too perfect on social media, but when we got there (time after time), we realised they have everything dialled. Service, menu, atmosphere, unique venue, music….everything. If you don’t go, you are missing out, that is all we can say. And our staff would agree – a few have even been by to see what our fuss was about – we love a good detail and they do well with those. Just remember to save room for dessert – yummo!

La Laguna

Another one of the unique “La’s,” this venue has everything from tarot card readers to gypsy-loving everything to wagon wheel carts and so on. There’s enough colour here to make monochrome a thing of the past, and once again, there is nothing like it anywhere. With a Spanish-style menu in a setting from colourful cushions on the grass to little wooden carved tables in private, they thought of it all and then some. It is extraordinary, and a must-see for at least one Bali sunset.

Old Man’s

The old faithful in the ‘Gu, Old Man’s. It’s not fancy, it doesn’t care where you’re from or what you do, it is what it is and that’s why it has been around for decades. Surfers, bikers, young & old, locals & travellers, yogis & party-goers, all are welcome and no one is judging (pretty sure after this long in Bali they have seen it all). So give it a go at sunset, we hear Sundays are a good day to check it out, but hey, every day that ends in ‘y’ will do! 

Uluwatu | Pecatu


Single Fin

Tried & true, people schedule their weeks around a Wednesday or Sunday Single Fin party. You just can’t beat it. At all. The only fail would be is if your phone goes flat and you miss the crazy Ulus sunset – whoops! You can watch the surfers catching the waves right below at Blue Point, and sip on a yummy sundowner. Count on hearing accents from all over, and definitely no need for fancy dress – this come-as-you-are spot has zero pretentiousness and ready for lots of FUN…sometimes a little too much and the Monday morning required a cold kelapa to wash the previous night away (…said a “friend”). Just do it and go – it’s a Bali institution.

Ulu Cliff House

OK, so there has been a LOT of buzz about this place and set the expectation bar HIGH. Real high. And let us promise you, it did NOT disappoint. Rose All Day? Yes PLEASE! Get your nice swimmers together, some delicious-smelling sunscreen, a little swagger and if you feel like doing your hair for the day, go ahead. From the moment you walk through the front doors you feel like a million dollars. They have everything dialled here, from the service to the food, and definitely the drinks. The favourite was the watermelon filled with vodka….and a straw. Could you have a more perfect poolside drink? The music is perfect, the pool is perfect, the view is perfect – what more could you ask for? This is one of those places that will be in the memory books, and for the love of making your friends jealous at home, make sure you have your camera ready.

El Kabron

A picture-perfect clifftop venue, this one has been a favourite for a while. Sophisticated Spanish-style, with gins & tonics with rose petals inside? Or a glass of champagne in their crisp white poolside, you really feel like you’re in a dream. The sunsets captured here are second to none, and has been known to have a flash of fluorescent here and there. Boasting a panoramic, uninterrupted view of the Indian ocean, El Kabron will have you feeling like you have just had one of “those” special days. Ahhhhh.

Sundays Beach Club

Get ready for your trolley ride down the rock face, located at The Ungasan Clifftop Resort, this venue is an all-time favourite that will change your Bali holiday experience for the better. Plan to stay the whole day, and potentially enjoy a sunset bonfire. With perfect turquoise blue water, a long white sandy beach, venue & service to set the standard at the top, Sundays is absolute perfection. It is a truly special venue that speaks for itself when you go. You’re welcome.


Ahhhhh the newest of the new on the block, and the wait has been worth it. Oh our gosh, this one is real next-level. From the same group bringing us the famous Omnia day club in Las Vegas, it is evident they keep getting better and better with each venue, now with the best right here in Bali. It is perhaps not exactly your average flip-flop wearing sunset bar (maybe go a little extra mile here), but wow when you get there it will really be breathtaking. The architecture itself is slick, with clifftop pools, day beds, cabanas, you name it. Be prepared to be looked after and roll with the fancy homies. It will be a once in a lifetime experience you will never forget.



If you really want to heighten your exceptional Bali experience (no pun intended), you absolutely must visit the new Oneeighty at The Edge in Uluwatu. With a glass bottom pool overhanging the cliff, think relaxing with a cocktail in hand in the turquoise pool water hanging over the pool’s edge with the sea and edge of Bali below you….perhaps with your best, and perhaps putting you in a dream-like state. Not only is the setting and view sensational, but you must also check out the restaurant with some fresh flavours and mouth-watering dishes best enjoyed in a day under the sun. Cameras mandatory here.

Potato Head Beach Club

You cannot possibly come to Bali and not go to Potato Head – it would be just Bali sacrilege! Potato Head has become part of the permanent Bali furniture and elevated the sunset bars to the new heights. And they still have it all going ON with the exceptional cocktail menu (say cheese!), to the venue itself, the music is simply the best, this beach club right in the heart of Seminyak is the s*$%#. They really know how to create a vibe here, and there is definitely a reason it has become so popular over the years. So grab your friends, pack your beach bag, and come ready to do it up. This is the sunset bar that keeps on giving.

Alila Seminyak

This sophisticated venue adds a touch of class to sunset beach bars in Bali. It is relaxed yet upscale, when you want to escape the hustle & bustle, either by yourself or with friends, it is a perfect escape place. The service is on point, and you can use the lower pool as an outside guest for the day – perfect! Located right on the beach, there is still plenty of people watching to do….you’re just doing it in style. A definite recommendation for those really wanting to relax away from it all in a picture-perfect setting.

Ku De Ta

Last but not least, this was the first of the first of the sunset beach bars in Bali and showed everyone else how it’s done. And they still keep doing what they are doing….and we should say they are doing it flawlessly. Music. Food. Service. Cocktails. Sunset view. Venue. Theme parties. Ku De Ta really has it all, and thank the Balinese gods for it showing every other bar how its done, and raising their own bar regularly. A Bali experience is not complete without a visit here, and chasing a sunset at this venue is well worth your while. An exceptional experience from the moment you lay eyes on the venue from the top of the stairs. A visit here just has to be done.


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